Project Details

Project Problem

Organisations have a hard time orchestrating a single view of a client to enable engagement across multiple channels.

Advisers shy away from financial planning systems that are difficult to use or understand which leads to low adoption, low productivity, lack of standardisation of advice, and this significantly increases advice risks for the organisation.

They are also challenged with keeping up with the tectonic shift in financial services that will no longer tolerate a product focussed sales channel.

Project Solution

Avalon is a single advice platform that enables sales channels to engage from multiple channels.

Allegiance’s strong financial engineering capability and strong team of quants developed an innovative set of technologies referred to as Advanced Financial Reality Modelling™ (AFRM™) and a Contextual Financial Identity™ (CFI™) that enables organisations to deploy a single advice platform to orchestrate a single intelligent financial identity for a client.

This is a precursor for implementing a world class OMNI-channel approach to solution clients across no touch, low touch and high touch channels.

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