Project Details

Project Problem

When faced with implementing a financial solution with an underlying investment / mutual fund, clients and advisers are left with a choice of more than 7 000 registered funds with the FSCA. The fund universe, in terms of international funds, is significantly larger.

Most of these funds are only picked on past performance. The old school model was that a risk profile sees you a fund selection.

Some financial advisers find their legitimacy in selecting a fund leaving the client and the adviser exposed to the advice risk. These advice risks normally manifest when the markets are down

Project Solution

A client needed to empower their adviser with a more intelligent approach to fund selection that focussed on the outcomes of the solutions

Allegiance assisted the client to turn their intellectual property in terms of advice strategy into reality by co-creating an outcomes-based investment toolset.

Some clients just choose not to speak to a financial adviser but rather explore and play with solutions to their financial planning challenges.

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